Sunday, 12 April 2009

How to stimulate your child's eye contact

*Eye contact is the earliest means of communication. Eye contact is used to request, greet or to get attention.

To establish eye contact, sit face to face with your child. Try to place your child at your eye level.

e.g: sit your child on your lap

      sit your child on the chair or table

*Draw your child's attention by holding object near to your face. Give the verbal cue (e.g: call his/her name)

* Tap your child's nose and then your nose. After the child look at yo, rewards him by saying "good/pandai"

* Put your child's hand on your face to gain attention before giving him/her a direction to follow.

* As your child increases eye contact, give him a verbal cue "look" and wait for the respond.

* Play funny face game. You can use funny mask, cover and uncover your face.

* Play peek-a-boo (umm cak) game with your child...

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